So what do participants think of Tiqun events?

Praise for ‘Plan to Succeed’:

“… helped me narrow down on what I want to achieve in this year. Motivated me.”

“Loved the music in the background. The light way the session was conducted, with fun.”

“…I feel motivated to read my book on NLP I bought over a year ago! It’s useful to have a space in time to make yourself think and write without having other distractions…”

“Really enjoyed the session – had a lot of fun!”

“This event was very useful – I loved the way everything came together at the end and how simple it seemed. Very thought provoking and empowering.”

“This event verified many things that I was already thinking about. I loved the time off exercising and the fact that nothing was pressured onto you … interesting to have these ideas that were in my brain written down.”

“Made me think about where I need to make plans. Loved Rivka’s delivery. Very positive. Liked the music.”

“Made me think about my goals for this year. Loved the activities to lighten up the session.”

“Loved the relaxed atmosphere, very positive and upbeat, putting pen to paper.”

“Loved the fact that I really had to focus on what was important. It made me focus on what I needed to achieve for this year.”

“Loved the opportunity to take time to address my goals.”

“It is very useful to have a structured and planned time to devote to this, loved the good atmosphere and state breaks. I liked the fact that you did not push people into talking about their goals for instance – I felt safe!”


Other Events

“The 7 “Your Life, Your Choice” workshops run by Rivka David here at Emmaus St Albans have made a significant contribution to turning around the lives of those who attended all the sessions. Homeless persons are particularly vulnerable and often lack self esteem and, as the following comments demonstrate, the workshops had a very positive effect…”
John Watts, Emmaus St Albans

“It made me see things in my life differently, e.g. how to approach problems.”

“The things I liked best were learning to calm down and find out more from myself. I feel this will help me interact with other people and not lose my temper as much. Doing this course has made me feel better about myself.

Note: Names may be changed to protect the innocent :-)

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