Tiqun – A History

Tiqun was created by Rivka David in 2004 as a personal development organisation to help people who wanted to take their lives to the next level and be happier and more fulfilled. It started as a dream and as a wish. Although it was largely a one woman show for many years, it was always intended to be a big organisation with a far reaching ability to make the world a better place. Over the years Rivka provided one to one life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions under the banner of Tiqun at a number of therapy centres including Talking Matters in Stamford Hill and the Natural Gateway Clinic in Borehamwood, and ran various personal development events starting with a short abundance workshop at The Investors Mastermind Alliance (2004) and continuing on with other workshops including Get More Of What You Want In Life (2005) a series of 7 workshops at the homeless shelter Emmaus (2007) and Plan To Succeed (2008, 2009). Tiqun also operated unofficially as a therapist sourcing organisation, helping a variety of therapists and clients find each other, as well as an information centre, helping people to find personal development resources.

In 2009 a ‘match made in heaven’ materialised here on earth when Rivka met Ronit Gerber, one of the cofounders of the Natural Gateway Clinic. An instant friendship was formed as the two women realised they had many goals in common. Both were -and continue to be- passionate about helping people find their truth, take responsibility and create a fulfilling life as a result. Ronit Gerber and Rivka David now cofound Tiqun in its new incarnation. This new partnership has finally breathed into Tiqun the life and soul that it was originally conceived to hold.

Today Tiqun is a wellspring of personal development resources, offering one to one sessions, a range of workshops and a variety of products all designed to empower the individual.